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How to participate in #HTChallenge.

Follow these main steps leading up to and during the big game. For additional information, go to the #HTChallenge website.

Ht challenge 1

1. Share this page in your social media bios and with others.

Send the link of this page to groups you’re involved with (businesses, religious organizations, social media groups, and other networks) and encourage them to spread it to their networks and contacts. You can also add this link in your own social media bios.

Ht challenge 2

2. Promote #HTChallenge graphics and commentary leading up to Super Bowl Sunday.

Post graphics from the #HTChallenge website on your social media and with the following hashtags in your caption: #HTChallenge, #HalftimeChallenge, and the latest Super Bowl hashtags (e.g. #SB54 or #SBLIV for the 2020 game). Adding the Super Bowl hashtags is important, as it puts our message directly into that comment stream.

Ht challenge 3

3. Coordinate with a group to spread awareness together during Super Bowl halftime.

Gather a few friends, family, or other community members to take out their phones and post crucial information with you during halftime. Share statistics, hotline numbers, websites, and other resources to your social media pages and stories, using #HTChallenge, #HalftimeChallenge, and the latest Super Bowl hashtags. You can even give a 5 – 10-minute talk live on Facebook or Instagram if you prefer.

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